Dr. Shannon Williams

Shannon Cormier Williams, Ph.D. is an entrepreneurship scholar, author, researcher, practitioner and consultant. Combining her doctoral training from The University of Texas at Austin in entrepreneurship and business incubation with nearly two decades of successful startup formation, she is a researcher-practitioner who teaches from both theory and experience. Her research expertise focuses upon the incubation of micro-enterprises in underserved communities and transforming these emerging markets through the wealth-creating activity of business enterprise.
In 2015, Dr. Williams became an Adjunct Professor at Clark Atlanta University in the historic Atlanta University Center. There, she instructed students in Entrepreneurship and Criminal Justice, coaching them on how to create sustainable start-up enterprises driven by a social mission.

Dr. Williams’ first book, The Business Birthing Blueprint, teaches nonprofits, economic and community development organizations, local governments and churches how to establish business incubators that effectively nurture entrepreneurs and their startup ventures in order to develop an entrepreneurial climate in their regions.
Her most recent book, Kingdom Entrepreneurship, promotes the development of startup ventures for the primary purpose of funding global, Great Commission-based activities in the church.

Dr. Williams is the founder and Chief Executive Nerd of geniuscribes.com (nerds with pens), and its affiliates gradscribes.com (nerds with pens + Ph.D.s) and gospelscribes.com (nerds with pens + Bibles), a professional ghostwriting and publishing agency serving intellectual authors and advanced academics.