Our Impact

The average Black family has a total wealth of just $17,600 – less than one-tenth the wealth of average white Family which stands at $171,000. We believe that building black businesses will reduce this economic inequality ~ and ultimately build stronger black communities.

The Numbers


Economic support to small businesses.


Scholarships provided to youth.


Small businesses preserved through TBE capital investment and technical support.


Small businesses supported though TBE programming.


The wide and persistent WEALTH GAP between Black and white American families.

Wealth Gap

Black Americans represent 13% of the U.S. population but possess only 4% of household wealth.


Black entrepreneurs are denied or given lower bank loans at more than twice the rate of their white peers: 53% to 25%.


Black people comprise approximately 14.2% of the population, but Black businesses comprise 2.2% of the nation’s 5.7 million employer businesses.


While the typical Black family has $2,000 or less in liquid savings, the typical white family has more than four times that amount.

Total Wealth

The average Black family has total wealth of $17,600 — less than one-tenth the wealth of the average white family, which stands at $171,000.

Implications for Black Families

Poorer Health

Blacks suffer from chronic diseases at disproportionately higher rates due to economic stressors, living in food deserts, lacking access to insurance, etc., resulting in higher mortality from preventable conditions.

Higher Incarceration Rate

Blacks are more likely to remain in jail for minor offenses and while awaiting trial due to inability to afford bail, resulting in job loss, and more likely to receive harsher sentencing due to inadequate legal representation.

Greater Risks for Youth

Youth girls are more likely to be teen mothers, and youth, in general, are more likely to drop out of school.

Inadequate Housing & Home Ownership

Blacks are more likely to live in poor, unsafe neighborhoods and experience
eviction and homelessness, and they are less likely to be homeowners.

Unsustainable Employment

Blacks are more likely to work hourly, poverty-wage jobs, and twice as likely
to be unemployed and actively seeking work.

The Need

Impact investments to fund the sustainable development of Black community that will empower them to build wealth through: 

  • Real Estate Acquisition
  • Entrepreneurship / Start-ups
  • Business Acquisition
  • Financial Education
  • Investments

The UN Model of Sustainability

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a collection of 17 interlinked global goals designed to be a “shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, now and into the future.” The SDGs emphasize the interconnected environmental, social and economic aspects of sustainable development, by putting sustainability at their center.

The Texas Black Expo B.O.O.M. Initiative will have a direct impact on six of the U.N.'s Sustainable Development Goals.

Case Studies

We All Eat

$12.6M ​COVID Relief Impact Investment

740,000+ meals served
3,300+ food insecure families fed
7,600+ individuals served meals
168 job screated or preserved
$11.7 M+ paid to restaurants

Fast Company World Changing Ideas 2021 Awards – Honorable Mention

Featured on Emmy Award-Winning Daytime TV Talk Show, The Real

Night Light Pediatric Urgent Care Logo

Night Light Pediatrics

Founders: Dr. Anastasia Gentles, Zawadi Bryant, & Connie Cazares.

The success story of a  small minority-owned business that utilized TBE programming from their inception, grew strategically, was acquired by a national organization, and added millions to the net worth of three minority females.


Nightlight begins with 5 employees and one clinic.

Partners with Texas Black Expo to coordinate Health Fair for exposure.


Grows to 130 employees, 9 clinics serving 90k patients.

Featured in Forbes.

Annually coordinates Texas Black Expo Kid Adventure Zone as their primary marketing outreach.


Zawadi Bryant joins Texas Black Expo Board to support the organization that supported them.

Accounts for $100k in sponsor revenue.


Nightlight is acquired in multi-million dollar purchase by Mednax, a national medical group.

Hurricane Harvey Relief

Thirty eight $1,000 grants provide to small businesses.

105 jobs preserved.

Recognized by Ford as Unsung Heros.

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