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We Exist for the Underserved Communities…

The average Black family has a total wealth of just $17,600 – less than one-tenth the wealth of the average white Family which stands at $171,000. We believe that building black businesses and teaching financial literacy will reduce this economic inequality and ultimately build stronger communities as a whole.

Our B.O.O.M. Initiative

Texas Black Expo firmly believe that when one community suffers, the whole society suffers. This is why we have embarked on B.O.O.M. or Building Our Own Marketplace Initiative which is projected to birth 8,340 new businesses, create 12,800 new jobs, and empower 2,500 students through financial literacy.

Birth 8,340 new businesses

Create 12,800 new jobs

Empower 2,500 students

Build stronger black communities

Transformation Partners

To support our B.O.O.M. initiative we are seeking 20 total transformation partners annual gift to support the work.

What is a Transformation Partner?

Created as an annual gift program, it is an opportunity for individual donors, family foundations, and corporations to help advance economic equality within underserved communities as an organizational donor on an annual basis.

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Elite Partners

Texas Black Expo Elite partners assist our organization in our day to day work and is designed to accommodate any person at any level by making a monthly recurring donation of $37 or any amount that works for you and your family.

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